Who We Are

MuMacro Is the TwentyEleven Startup having its aim to Grow mutually with enhancing the end user experience locally by empowering the local businesses Online and Offline.

We make Marketing [Online and Offline] accessible for the Small and Medium sized businesses which cant spend crores into campaigns as its not always necessary for them to do so, if their geographic market is small. We offer Customised plans covering specific locations and help businesses grow, mutually.

MuMacro also touches the addressable needs of the Customers from a varied area. Hence MuMacro is also working in business arena of Education to help revamp the educational offering to the coming youth, with our venture LooBox- Learn Out of Box, providing an Exceptional Learning experience. We also found the need for a platform for something Exquisite “Mehndi”  and we went ahead to create a platform for them as MehndiMagic- The Magic Of Mehndi